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Partner with a team that is going to
take care of your business while you
focus on the road ahead.
Truck Car Park
D.K. Lewis Logistics can assist all Owner Operators and small trucking companies in finding loads throughout the country.  With our continuously expanding network of shippers and brokers, we assure you that we can keep your trucks moving. Our carrier dispatch package includes: 
  • You’re the Boss
  • No Forced Dispatch
  • We Negotiate Top Paying Rates
  • Carrier Packet Setup
  • COI Request
  • Factor Setup Assistance
  • Fax/Email Documents
  • Credit Checks
  • Request Quick Pay
  • Request Fuel Advances
  • 24/7 Dispatch Support
  • Unused Truck Order Assistance
  • Driver Directions Assistance
  • Negotiate Quick Pay Rates
  • Collection Assistance
  • Detention Charges Assistance
  • Consultations
  • IFTA Filing
Our experience truck dispatchers set you up directly with brokers and shippers so you can focus on driving or expanding your operation. We handle all necessary paperwork's. No more worrying about following up with brokers and shippers for lumper and detention pay. Your personal dedicated dispatcher with the support of the back office management team will manage all of your administrative work for you.

Inform us of the areas you want to operate and we negotiate hard in getting the best paying rates for your trucks. We will ensure that you work with the best shippers and brokers eliminating the worry about getting paid.


There is no contract in partnering with D.K. Lewis Dispatch, you can cancel at anytime. We pride ourselves in delivering quality services at the best rate to our partners. We know that drivers and fleet owners work hard and we understand the pain and frustration of been away from family and friends so we are right their working harder for you to lessen the burden of booking loads and fighting with shippers, brokers and factoring companies. We negotiate top rates and ensure that you are getting maximum returns on your investments. Our dispatchers are highly experience, honest, motivated, and professional and is committed to the growth and success of your trucking business.
Review our different dispatch packages below to get started,  



Dedicated truck dispatchers and logistics planners who work hard in getting you the highest possible rates for you trucks.


Professional and knowledgeable dispatchers averaging $3.00 per mile and more. No term contracts, no minimums, and no forced dispatch.


We have you covered and together we will succeed. We operate your day to day business operation so you can focus on your business in expanding and building lasting business relationships. 


Signing on with DK Lewis is super fast and easy. We bring on carriers in just a few minutes not hours. Carriers can onboard from the road on any device. No heavy paperwork, reading handwritten documents and writing with pen. No fax required. Carriers fill out profile online, sign and submit all contracts electronically​.
Let us help you maximize your gross
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Tel: 404-328-7702 | Fax: 762-200-7416

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Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

Back Office Support 24/7/365

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